All of my hedgehogs are family pets first.  Each and everyone of them has been socialized since birth and have their own unique personalities.  I breed healthy socialized hedgehogs with healthy lines.  To prevent irresponsible breeding.  I do not sell to mills, pet stores or states where they are illegal.  Nor will I sell opposite sex hedgehogs to the same person.  Our hedgehogs are intended for home pets only.  Absolutely no class pets or display animals.   All of our hedgehogs are pedigreed and can be provided upon request to breeders only.  Proof of identification is required at the time of pickup.  I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason.  Arrangements need to be made to have your hedgehog picked up within 7 days once they turn 6 weeks of age; unless otherwise agreed upon.  Appointments need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.  NO same day appointments are scheduled.  Baby hedgehogs are $275-$350 unless otherwise posted.  We do operate as a licensed business and already include all taxes in the posted prices. Forms of payment we accept are cash, Zelle or credit cards as final payment. A 5% transaction fee on all credit card transactions will apply. On occasion we may have adults available at a reduced adoption rate and are available on a first come first serve basis with an approved application.

Why Buy From a Breeder?

It's important for any potential pet owner to know the difference between pet store animals and breeders.  So I though it would be beneficial for those to be more educated on the difference after hearing about several concerns from people about their pet store hedgehogs.  There are several differences between breeders and pet stores.  Pet stores act like a middle man.  They acquire their animals from a unknown source that often operate as large scale breeding facilities which is why they can acquire their animals for such a low cost.   Temperament and inbreeding are common in these facilities; which often leads to health problems during their life.   Pet stores are often not as knowledgeable about hedgehogs and offer little to no support, or any return policy on their animals.  Pet stores are also are unable to provide you the exact date of birth of your hedgehog; and often can't correctly identify whether it's male or female. 

Breeders are those who are responsible for mating and raising the animals.  They are often more helpful and knowledgeable about the animals they raise. And often provide better care and socialization skills,  than pet mills or non regulated facilities who's main concern is their bottom line.  Not every breeder needs a license.  A breeder who has 5 or more breeding females is required to be licensed by the USDA regardless of what animals their mating.  These USDA licensed breeders are subject to licensing fees, unannounced facility inspections, animal inspections by a licensed veterinarian and record keeping of their animals.  Since some health and genetic issues with hedgehogs come from inbreeding.  Reputable breeders acquire their hedgehogs from other breeders who track the lineage of their animals to prevent health issues in the future.  It can become costly to  have hedgehogs brought in from other out of state breeders to have a healthily and diverse herd.   Breeders often tend to care more about their herd.  And being able to provided proper medical care for their animals can become costly.  Which is a few reasons why adopting from a licensed breeder can cost more.  

Return Policy:

I want to ensure our precious babies go to the right home. If you decide a hedgehog just isn’t for you. I will offer a 75% refund within 7 days of the purchase day of the hedgehog.   After 7 days but up to 30 days a 50% refund will be offered.  After 30 days I will accepted your hedgehog back as a rescue only.  A lifetime guarantee will be offered against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) with our hedgehogs.  A necropsy report will be required showing (WHS) as the cause of death and I will replace your hedgehog at no charge.  Lifetime guarantee only applies toward a replacement hedgehog from their original owner.  No cash refund on your hedgehog or supplies you purchased will be offered.  Regarding our adult hedgehogs.  A 15 day congenital health guarantee will be offered.  Any issues must be documented within that time from a licensed “exotic” vet to qualify for a refund.

No Breeding Policy:

To prevent irresponsible breeding practices and genetic health problems.  Breeding my hedgehogs is strictly prohibited; accidental or not.  All of our hedgehogs are sold as pets only.  Breeding is strictly prohibited under any circumstance unless further agreed upon with breeding privileges to licensed breeders only.