Fresh Feeders Crickets 6 pack. Exotic Nutrition's Fresh Feeders provide freshly packaged moist insects that are sterilized (cooked) then packaged in convenient pouches for your easy feeding. Farm-raised, all-natural insects contain no preservatives and are easily digested. Each box contains six individual pouches that can be re-sealed (bag clip included) for easy storage. Ideal supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Turtles, Tropical fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians. Comes with feeding tweezer too! 

Farm Raised, All Natural - No preservatives
Moist & easily digested
Vacuum Sealed to Preserve Flavor & Nutrients
Tweezers Included for Easy Serving
Include six 0.71 oz. (20 g.) pouches

What eats Fresh Feeder Insects ?  
Small Mammals - Hedgehog, Sugar Glider, Marmosets, Degu, Skunk, Opossum, Rats, Mice, Hamsters and other insect-eating mammals.

Lizards - Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Monitor, Chameleons, Anoles, Skinks, Tegu and other insect eating lizards.
Turtles & Tortoises -  Box turtles, Red Ear Sliders, All species of insect-eating turtles & tortoises.
Fish - Cichlids, Arowanas, Stingrays and other carnivorous fish.
Birds - Chickens, Bluebirds, Robins, Orioles, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Swallows, Woodpeckers and other insect-eating species.
Invertebrates - Tarantulas, Scorpions & other insect eating invertebrates.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer 2-4 insects per feeding depending on species, increase amount for larger animals. Adjust according to the weight of the species.  Refrigerate  unused portion after opening, use enclosed bag closer for storage. Tweezers included for easy, mess-free serving.

STORAGE: Store unopened in a cool, dry place. Once individual packs are opened, refrigerate and use within 7 days. Use the provided bag clip to close bags and keep unused insects fresh between uses. Discard after Best Used By date printed on box.Ingredients:
Farm-Raised Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), Farm-Raised Crickets (Gryllus linnaeus), Farm-Raised Superworms (Zophobas morio), Farm-Raised Grasshoppers (Oxya chinensis), Farm-Raised Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens)
Guaranteed Analysis:
Mealworms - Crude Protein 17.0% (min), Crude Fat 5.0% (min), Crude Fiber 1.0 % (max), Moisture 70.0% (max)
Crickets - Crude Protein 20.0% (min), Crude Fat 5.0% (min), Crude Fiber 1.0 % (max), Moisture 75.0% (max)
Superworms - Crude Protein 18.8% (min), Crude Fat 0.6% (min), Crude Fiber 3.2 % (max), Moisture 76.0% (max)
Grasshoppers - Crude Protein 20.8% (min), Crude Fat 2.2% (min), Crude Fiber 4.4 % (max), Moisture 71.2% (max)
Calci-Yum Worms (BSFL) - Crude Protein 5.0% (min), Crude Fat  35.0% (min), Crude Fiber 8.0 % (max), Moisture 65.0% (max)


4 pk of canned insects.  Please specify  choices at checkout.

Silent Runner Wheel

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 20.8%, crude fat (min) 2.2%, crude fiber (max) 4.4%, ash (max) 1.1%, moisture (max) 71.2%.  

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening, will store 7-10 days refrigerated.

Spike's Delite Ultra‚Äč

The most advanced formulation available for hedgehogs. Ultra is formulated using whole chicken meat, whole brown rice and other highly digestible protein sources along with minerals, vitamins, and trace minerals.  2 lb bag.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 20.0%, crude fat (min) 5.0%, crude fiber (max) 1.0%, crude ash (max) 3.0%, moisture content (max) 75.0%.  

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening, will store 7-10 days refrigerated.

Exotic Nutrition's new 12 inch (WIDE) size Silent Runner Wheel is recommended for hedgehogs, cages with multiple sugar gliders (2+), and male rats.

Size: 12" diameter x 4" wide track
- Axle-free construction (no tail or body entanglement)
- Dual ball bearings (smooth, quite spin)
- Heavy duty, pet-safe metal stand (included)

Cooking process softens exoskeleton of the insect and breaks the bonds between the collagen protein to make it absorbable by your pets. Collagen is an important fiber that aids in building bone, cartilage, skin and nail structures. No live insects need to be fed in addition to these canned insects.

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening, will store 7-10 days refrigerated.


2 pk of Fresh Feeder Insects. Please specify choices during checkout. 

"Pickup Only" Comfort Wheel

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 17.0%, crude fat (min) 5.0%, crude fiber (max) 1.0%, ash (max) 3.0%, moisture (max) 70.0%.

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening, will store 7-10 days refrigerated.

Breeders Mix

Our own breeder's mix is what we use for our hedgehog.  It contains Spike's Delite Ultra, Purina One Tender Selects Chicken, Iam's Proactive Chicken & Turkey and Wellness Indoor Chicken

The Kaytee Comfort Wheel for small pets features a safe, solid running surface, quiet operation and a "tail-safe" design, allowing pets an easy entrance and exit.

Safe, solid running wheel for small animals
Easy entrance and exit for pets
Features free standing & cage attachment options

Colors Available: Purple, Green and Blue depending on stock

We are now a authorized distributor of Spike's Delite.  This is the only food specifically made for hedgehogs that I trust to our babies.  You can order through us or  Pet Pro.  Use "AZHedgies" in the referred by box at checkout for 10% off your order if ordering through them.