We are now a authorized distributor of Spike's Delite.  This is the only food specifically made for hedgehogs that I trust to our babies.  You can order through us or  Pet Pro.  Use "AZHedgies" in the referred by box at checkout for 10% off your order if ordering through them. 

Marchioro Large Animal Cage 32.25"L x 20"W x 16.5"H

Kaytee 12" Comfort Wheel
Kaytee  Cozy Bedding
Food & Water Bowl

Slightly larger and a better quality cage than the Katee Small Animal Cage.  This is what we recommend.

Hedgehog Cage Habitat

Cages & Accessories

Exotic Nutrition's new 12 inch (WIDE) size Silent Runner Wheel is recommended for hedgehogs, cages with multiple sugar gliders (2+), and male rats.

Size: 12" diameter x 4" wide track
- Axle-free construction (no tail or body entanglement)
- Dual ball bearings (smooth, quite spin)
- Heavy duty, pet-safe metal stand (included)

Pickup Only on our complete habitat setups

Our own breeder's mix contains a blend of Spike's Delite Ultra, Kirkland Signature and Iam's Healthy Naturals


Silent Runner Wheel