We are now a authorized distributor of Spike's Delite.  This is the only food specifically made for hedgehogs that I trust to our babies.  You can order through us or  Pet Pro.  Use "AZ Hedgies" in the referred by box at checkout for 10% off your order if ordering through them. 

Starter Habitat

Includes: Kaytee large cage or a large plastic bin (depending on stock), giant comfort wheel,  igloo, food & water bowls, aspen bedding,  and a 3 lb bag of food.  Price $95. These are available for pickup only, so please email us ahead of time to make sure these are available.  Colors and cage type will vary depending on availability.

Ask us about our gently used cage setups at a discounted price.

Take Home Package

Take Home Package


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Exercise Wheel

Kaytee 12" Comfort Wheel. Colors available can be from red, blue, green, and purple depending on stock. $27 (tax included). Pick up only.

Hedgehog Food

$12.00 - $17.00

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Take Home Carrier

Let your pet travel in first class in the Kaytee Come Along Carrier, a cozy and comfortable fabric-covered pet carrier. The perfect take home carrier for your hedgehog. Safe, secure and comfortable travel environment. Exterior mesh windows allow ample breathability and visibility. Easy-to-clean vinyl interior. Comes in a variety of colors. $20 (tax included). Pick up only.



Limited Supplies. We will not be restocking food orders once we sell out