Located in Phoenix, AZ. We have been Arizona's first hedgehog breeder since the Arizona Game & Fish Department amended their Article 4, Restricted Live Wildlife rules 7 years ago.   We have been operating as Arizona's longest USDA licensed breeder during that time. As well as the only Arizona breeder to be a member of the International Hedgehogs Association (IHA). Healthy and social hedgehogs are our goal.  That's why we offer a health guarantee and lifetime support for our babies.  Our herd is registered with the (IHR) and has extensive healthy lineage from bloodlines all across the country from other reputable USDA licensed breeders.


As a breeder we follow a strict code of breeder ethics as outlined by the International Hedgehog Association (IHA).  Our herd and babies all come with their own pedigree and registration numbers.  All of our hedgehogs are family pets first and are socialized on a daily basis.  We don't sell pet stores, wholesalers or as classroom pets. We have acquired a diverse lineage from reputable USDA breeders all across the country and can track their lineage over 7 generates back.

Being Arizona's first USDA licensed breeder.  Our goal is to raise the healthiest and most social hedgehogs as possible.  We stand by this by offering health guarantees and a return policy on all our hedgehogs.  Most pet stores do not.  We are local and do not import our animals. All of our babies are born here and never imported. That allows us to social with them at a very young age.

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