Hedgehog Deposit - Non Refundable

If you would like to secure a spot on our waiting list.  Please follow the steps below in order.

Step #1 Fill out our short application below on a (non mobile device)

Step #2 Complete the $50 nonrefundable deposit below

 Once a baby hedgehog becomes available.  The next in line will receive a email when the hedgehog is around 5 weeks of age.  I do require a response back within 48 hours unless I ask the next person in line.  If I don't hear a response back after two emails.  Your spot on the waiting list is forfeited until you make contact with me.

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Waiting List​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Justin K.

Scott S.

Terri G.

Ginelle G.

Heather G.

Eric M.

Stuart K.