If you would like to secure a spot on our waiting list.  Please follow the steps below in order.  Allow up to 3 days for your named to be added to the waiting list once the application and deposit are submitted.  If you don't see your name let us know.  Chances are the application didn't go through which happens once in a while.

Step #1 Fill out our short application below on a (non mobile device)

Step #2 Complete the $50 nonrefundable deposit below

 Once a baby hedgehog becomes available.  The next in line will receive a email when the hedgehog is around 5 weeks of age.  I do require a response back within 48 hours unless I ask the next person in line.  If I don't hear a response back after two emails.  Your spot on the waiting list is forfeited until you make contact with me.

Estimated wait time (2 weeks).  Updated 1-23-22.

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​Step #2

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